Why hello, you’re still checking in on this page? Well, I’m glad you are because I do still think about this blog. I stopped by today because my mind is spinning and this blog has always been a good space for me to get out random thoughts…although in the last couple of years it has been more of a photo dump. Today my thoughts are not clear and I’m not sure I have a singular message to share. Actually I have lots of news to share, but I don’t know where to begin. I think first and foremost I showed up today because I wanted to write.

How are you? It’s been quite the week no? Wow!, actually I can’t believe it was a week ago that this country selected an internet troll to be our 45th president. Sigh. Well I have taken the advice of John Oliver and subscribed to a reputable newspaper (New York Times)- time I go beyond my allotted 10 articles/month and support honest journalism. Second, I have applied to be a public official. Nothing big, a member of a council board which is an appointed not elected position, but it is a start. Once the paperwork goes through (bureaucracy ;)) I can say that I am playing a larger role in our government.

Now the big news. I moved to Portland, Oregon! Yes, the city that is going all crazy with protest. Let me tell ya, it’s not that bad. A neighbor spoke directly with her Portland police friends and they are well aware of the anarchist group that is responsible for the riots. 99% of protesters are peaceful and want to keep this country moving towards an all inclusive, equitable land.

The west coast has been amazing. One hour to the west I’m at the coast and 2 hours to the east I’m at Mt Hood or Mt St Helen. I’ve seen 2 bald eagles, one flying above downtown Portland the other sitting on a stump by a lake (I think?) near Mt St Helen. The latter was like something out of a National Geographic magazine. I just needed to see a bear grabbing salmon out of the water. Last night, while on a drive, we saw coyotes!  Ryan was like, are those baby wolves. Lol, no, but coyotes are just as interesting!

We’ve gone on a few hikes and explored volcanic tubes. I need to work on my leg strength so we can tackle Mt St Helen.

Be back soon.