Quick question before we get into today’s post, are you seeing pictures in every blog entry? Ryan doesn’t see them in the last post, but when I logout of wordpress I still see them. Please let me know!

Now for today’s post!

Just like any transitional period in my life (e.g., moving across the country!), it always takes me a small window of adjustment to get into a workout routine. When I went to NYU the girls on my floor helped with this transition with a group trip to the gym. The first visit is always the hardest for me. After graduation I quickly jumped into Crunch thanks to some free class passes that I had gather while at NYU. I again attended a couple of classes with friends. By the time grad school came around I was confident that I would make good use of a membership and jumped on board. I was glued to my routine until 2 years ago when wedding planning, working on top of getting another degree, etc. got in the way. That’s also about the time I fell off of regular blog post. During this transition online videos became my go to! And that’s okay, they kept me fit and there are now so many videos online! I think back in 2010/2011 videos started popping up, but they were never longer than 10-15 minutes. I think Bodyrock.tv (back when Zuzka was involved, she’s now Zuzkalight.com), had the best videos but they were tutorials, which was fine at the time, but it’s great to now have so many realtime videos.

Some of my current favorites:

Fitness blender

Lumowell-minus the big boobs

Christine Salus


Ryan recently asked why I still use videos when I could clearly come up with my own routine. Well, he’s correct, I could, and sometimes I do, especially when internet is not available. However, it’s nice to switch things up and be pushed with some form of an instructor. For me, experience means knowing when to change a video instructor’s low impact exercise into a high impact exercise or vice versa.

Similarly, group classes are great because both the instructor and classmates push your efforts. And that’s where classpass comes in! I first became aware of classpass a couple of years ago in New York when they were offering a limited number of passes. However, I never took advantage of the deal because I had Crunch and their wide range of classes. After about 6 weeks of living in Portland and only making use of online videos with a couple of outdoor runs thrown in, I knew that I needed more motivation to stay mentally and physically fit. I started looking at the cost of local gym memberships and what classes were available. I was disappointed to see even fitness 24 was way expensive for a yearly fee and monthly dues  and a limited availability of classes on top of the cost. Many classes seemed to be timed for stay at home moms or maybe people who work 7-3, but they wouldn’t work for me. I then somehow remembered classpass. I believe the prices vary from area to area, but I thought it was a pretty good deal for the Portland region. Thankfully I was hesitant and clicked off the order page because I ended up getting a really awesome 3 month deal. I was convinced and signed up!

So, what is classpass? Classpass is a monthly subscription to gyms and fitness studios in your area. You can sign up for a 5 class/month package that allows you to visit up to 2 studios in a month or an unlimited class offer with up to 3 visits/month to any one studio.  A great deal, if you’re not already a member to any one particular gym. In addition to a wide selection of fitness classes you can also use a pass for participating gyms to workout as you please.


  1. I’ve been able to try lots of new gym classes over the last month (i.e., urban row-cardio/strength class based on the row machine) and incorporate some of my favorite (i.e., barre method and pilates reformer).
  2. I’ve signed up for the 5 class/month which is perfect for my schedule right now. I’m able to fit in 1-2 hard group workouts in per week and supplement with at home workouts. After my 3 month deal I’ll probably bump up to unlimited.
  3. With 5 classes/month I’m motivated to get to a studio and make use of my $$. For some reason a gym membership alone doesn’t do that for me…
  4. As I join a new fitness studio I’m usually able to sign up for their new student deals. I’ve only taken advantage of this once at a spin studio, but it’s a great way to supplement the 5 classes/month on classpass before going to unlimited.


  1. You’re limited to the number of times you can visit a studio. I love the flexibility of mixing in barre classes with cardio/strength classes, but I would love to visit some of my favorite classes more frequently. The only real solution would be to join multiple studios, and that’s not happening.
  2. You might have to travel far and wide to make class options work for you-city dependent. I don’t mind so it’s not a personal complaint.

And that’s it! If I don’t pop over to the blog before Thursday have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!