Kitchen items:

  1. French press travel mug

2. Crockpot, specifically this one (see link), Ryan did the homework on that so I guess it’s the best ;)?

3. Griddle or this one

For me:

4. Silver Bangle-could always use a new piece of jewlery 😉

5. Head wraps-something like this one

6. New tennis raquet

7. Cookbooks-I know we have google, but there is something nice about sitting and flipping through a cookbook with beautiful photos. It’s also safer than having a device open in the kitchen…

Molly on the Range

Dorie’s cookies

Grandbaby cakes-this is the top of my list

For the car

8. Floor mats

9. AAA membership

For Ryan

10. A partly leather overnight bag

11. Exploding kittens

12. Edited to add: A classpass membership

Readers, what are your must have items this year?