I’ve just returned to Portland after a tour of the northeast. I flew into Philadelphia over a week ago and headed to New York to catch up with old friends and catch performances by Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino at Governor’s Ball. From there I took a 3 AM bus from New York to Boston and arrived with enough time to drop my bags off at the Airbnb that I was sharing with coworkers, wash my face, grab a coffee, and head to my science conference. This past Wednesday I hopped on a plane back to Philadelphia and grabbed a late lunch with my cousin before heading to my grandmother’s house. Thursday/Friday I attended a machine learning workshop in Center City Philadelphia and visited with more family in the evenings. Friday night I headed to my mom’s house so we could catch up and then 6 AM Sunday morning I was on a plane back to Portland, OR.

In between all of that, I found out someone from my elementary school passed away from a drug overdose. This the second person from my elementary school in less than a year. To say the least I’m intellectually and emotionally exhausted, but extremely grateful that I was able to mix work travel with quality time with my loved ones.

I also got to eat some amazing food during my travels and came home to a seasonal dinner prepped by my husband that consisted of scallops, Dungeness crab, scallions, and asparagus. He’s the best!

For dessert, he made a blueberry and lime tart!

Brunch with Lily in New York at Bondurants…we got all the food 😉 including jalapeno deviled eggs and homemade tater tots:

I also had some amazing wines from Terroir Tribeca…I look forward to my next New York trip just so Ryan can put his hands in the fate of the awesome sommeliers and the wine list of Terroir.

Have a great week!