Final Push

Hey all,

Quickly popping over to the blog as it has always provided a means to keep me accountable! With two weeks until the wedding it’s so easy to skip but I’ve got a dress to fit and bathing suits to wear ;).

Plans for the week:


Monday-Long walk

Tuesday-Legs and cardio

Wednesday-Arms and cardio (maybe spin?)

Thursday-Chest/back and cardio

Friday-Yoga and walk

Saturday-Legs and cardio


The soon to be bride!

Another month of celebrations

How are we already entering July? 2 months until the wedding and so much to do!! Planning a wedding is seriously another job.

That said popping over here and hoping to get back to regular blogging because Ryan says he misses the updates and being able to refer to life events.

Biggest life event this past month, my sister graduated from high school. It brought back so many memories from my own graduation (from the same school) 11 years ago!

It was also the month of music festivals with Governor’s Ball and Firefly!

So much mud at Firefly!!

There was also a weekend in the mountain with friends.…we never got a group photo :(

But I did get this cute photo of Sarah and Tim!

And the food, I took pictures of the food! Dinner was centered around Cava and California Chardonnay.

I want this grilled shrimp back in my belly :).

And so much chicken!

And of course lots of veggies because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ryan at work…

I think that’s it, lots going on as always…will try to document more wedding stuff this month because I know I’ll want it in the future…even if I don’t want to take the time now…

Come back soon!!

A month of celebrations

Hey all,

How is it already the last day of May? So not ready to see it go! Ahead there is work, work, work, and last minute wedding planning and celebrating.

Before we sneak into June let’s talk about all the celebrating that went on in May!

Well actually we’ll start with end of April with a quick trip to LA to celebrate Ryan’s Mom’s 60th birthday:

And a quick trip to Disneyland:

The birthday celebrations continued x6! So many friends with May birthdays, including me!

My sister’s prom:

And I graduated….again!

See you in June!

4 weeks till summer

Hey all,

I’m making use of the final push til summer to shred a few pounds and tone up. Then it’s wedding dress fitting #1 and buying a dress for the wedding dance. Would love if I could find something with a top similar to that worn by Taylor Swift at tonight’s billboard music awards.

As an incentive I’m A) posting here and B) taking part in a diet challenge.

Also really loving this dress cut:

Anyhow workouts planned for the week will be back to post eats, goal is lots of protein with one cheat meal/week.

Sunday-long walk with Ryan and pup, 20 minutes of yoga to stretch (rest day)

Monday-arms (using Tone it Up) and spin class

Tuesday-5 mi walk and tone it up kettlebell routine with short pilates or/yoga to recover

Wednesday-legs and spin

Thursday-barre workout

Friday-Hiit and upper body

Saturday-cardio and 30 min pilates

32 miles

Yay, you still come visit the site, thanks so much for continuing to check back. It’s been a crazy couple of months but another thesis is submitted and a few papers should be following soon.

But let’s talk about this beautiful weather! When I last posted it was still like this outside.

And now pollen is everywhere!

We enjoyed the coming of spring last Saturday with a 32 mile walk around the perimeter of Manhattan as part of the Great Saunter. The walk is put together by Shore Walkers and is their largest annual event. 32 miles was no joke, but I really enjoyed the experience, yet another way to enjoy NYC. To prove how crazy we are I think we’re going to do another 30 mile walk in a couple of weeks.

Shore Walkers mail your badge in the mail with optional in person registration if you want to pick up goodies like breakfast and a hat. We opted to start on our own and left our apartment with the intention of hitting the official start marker by 7:30am. To that extent we also started the race a little early at the Brooklyn Bridge…that way we would make it back home in time to pick up Mei for her evening walk.

By 7:55 we hit Tribeca and ran into several other walkers.

By 9:45 am we made it to the upper west side.

And by 12pm the GW bridge.


And by 1:30 we made it back to the eastside. We were like yay halfway there…but this is also when our legs started to feel the miles.

I believe this was about 96th st

~23rd st

Close to the williamsburg bridge!

And done! back home about 11 hours later and 72744 steps!!

Looking forward to the warmth

The music festivals are revealing their lineups and I’m super excited to attend both Firefly for the entire weekend and a little of Governor’s Ball!!

The acts I’m most excited to hear-

Drake Governor’s Ball headliner. I’m not necessarily the biggest Drake fan but I’m excited to see what kind of live show he gives.

And the same day Florence and Machine! I just started to listening to her new releases, still think music Ceremonials is the bands best.

Odesza-although not at all a fan of this music video…

Rudimental, I’ve loved them for the last few years and can’t wait to see them in person!! Also didn’t know they had a song with Ed Sheeran


Rae Sremmurd-I can’t believe they’re at Gov Ball although I don’t know if I know anything but No Flex Zone, but I want to dance to it all the same!!! Man Friday is a good day for Gov Ball, I want to hear like everyone.

People Under the Stars-Another thing I love about Gov Ball is that they really good job of featuring all kinds of music. Also want to check out Bishop Nehru.

Logic-I’m kinda obsessed with him right now.

Echosmith because everytime I hear this song I can’t get it out of my head!

Snoop Dogg because in no other circumstance would I find myself at a Snoop Dogg concert

Betty Who

Bad Suns

The Preatures

Raury-Sound of 2014 #4





Young Rising Sons

Zella Day


Linus Young

Snakehips, another one I’ve loved loved loved lately!

LE1F-ahh talk about a fun time ;)

The Griswolds

Night Terrors of 1927

Hey Rosetta!

Wild Party

for dancing

Gorgon City


Chronixx & the Zincfence Redemption

DJ Mustard


Tove Lo

The Chainsmokers


Sweater Beats

Goshfather and Jinco

So many others I want to check out live!


Streets of Laredo-great folk sound


Zola Jesus


Skylar Spence

Marian Hill

Knox Hamilton

Mother Mother

Panama Wedding

The Hunts

Not included bands I’ve seen before but of course excited to see all the same-The Black Keys, The Kooks, Bastille, Empire of the Sun (hoping to get closer this time around), The Killers, Spoon, RJD2

Disappointed there aren’t more Sound of 2015 that made either festival…maybe next year.



Winter in the City

Hey y’all,

I’m sure if you’re reading this and live anywhere on the east coast you’ve experience an extremely cold winter…and if on the northeast lots of snow. It hit me hard two weeks ago and I just felt blah, but valentine’s dinner and the long weekend helped to brighten my spirits.

By the way in my 10 years in the city I’ve never seen so much ice in the river!

How cute are these little, yes, little snowmen.

Anyhow, I don’t have anything in particular to talk about today, but wanted to share what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.

Bridesmaid shopping! This isn’t the dress, but me trying on a bunch to figure out the perfect dress for my girls.

Dinner for my aunt’s 92nd birthday.

Wedding crafts-ribbon flowers for the ceremony and perhaps part of the centerpiece displays.

Last but not least some pictures of Mei, who wants to constantly be cuddled up with either Ryan or me.




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